The Best Wines and Their Best Vintages

At Blend Bistro & Wine Bar we take pride in the quality and choice available within our Wine List. A small but important part of our Wine List are those wines we call 'Prestige Wines'. These are hand-picked by Laurent from the most renowned French and Italian wineries and Châteaux. But we don't just select the winemaker with care, we also carefully select the very best vintages to ensure that our Prestige wines are amongst the very best that you can find available in Bangkok. In later weeks we will talk about some of these wines in more detail, but below is just a flavour of the wines currently available. White Wines Château Tour la Blanche - Sauternes, France 1991-1995 Château Cohins Lurton

The Name is Bisque - Lobster Bisque

It might look like a very simple dish, but Lobster Bisque is something steeped in history. It is an elegant soup known for its rich flavor and crimson color. The main ingredient in this soup is the king of the sea - Lobster. Due to the relative fame and ubiquity of lobster, lobster bisque has become a delicious culinary staple. Generally, “bisque” refers to a soup with a distinct velvety texture and utilises crustaceans – crayfish, shrimp, crab, or (of course) lobster as the main ingredient. Popular in both North America and Europe, lobster bisques and other types of bisques made using seafood originated in France. Here is a soup that denotes high style, and its method of creation is sometim

Keeping It In The Family...

Blend Bistro & Wine Bar is very pleased to announce that Laurent's son, Jonathan Scire, is joining the team to become the Operations Manager at our new Asoke location. Laurent and Mint were very keen that the person to head up and manage the new restaurant was someone that they could trust and had the management skills to successfully look after building both a new team and optimise the many opportunities presented by the new location. So what better choice to make than Jonathan, who is already invested emotionally in Blend Bistro through Laurent and his numerous trips to Blend Bistro in the last 3 years since we opened. In addition, Jonathan's management experience gained through his previo

Homemade, Classic Blend Bistro Pizza's

The opening of Blend Bistro & Wine Bar Asoke gives us the great opportunity to add something to our menu that we have been wanting to do since we opened on Sukhumvit 3 years ago - Classic Italian Pizza's. Due to space constraints within our kitchen at Sukhumvit, we never managed to add pizza's to the menu, but now our new and much larger kitchen at Asoke gives us that opportunity. There will be 9 different pizzas for you to choose from including the always popular margarita, vegetarian and spicy pepperoni options, but we will also have some other pizzas that maybe you are not so familiar with, including 'Piadina' the flatbread style pizza from the Romagna historical region of Italy that you

Breakfast at Blend Bistro Asoke

One of the different features of our new Blend Bistro & Wine Bar Asoke when it opens at the end of September will be our breakfast menu. Being located at the new Somerset Maison Asoke building, breakfast will be a key part of our food offering and is split into 3 defined areas. Above you can see one part of our Bakery Breakfast - This consists of a selection of delicious pancakes and waffles, fresh fruit, French toast and the classic Paris Breakfast. The remaining part of our Bakery Breakfast menu consists of 3 classic French bakery breakfast items: Croque Monsieur with Paris ham, Cheese and Bechamel. Pan Bagnat with Tuna, Tomato & Egg. Large Baguette with a choice of Paris Ham, Speck Ham, S

Blend Bistro Asoke - Just 2 Weeks To Go!

It is now just over 2 weeks to go until our new branch of Blend Bistro & Wine Bar opens. Strategically located at the new Somerset Maison Asoke on Sukhumvit Soi 23, in the heart of Sukhumvit’s central business district and surrounded by a cosy neighbourhood, our new restaurant and wine bar will bring you all the things you love about Blend Bistro on Sukhumvit - But with some added features that include homemade wood fired pizzas, a comprehensive breakfast menu and a delivery service. As you can see from the pictures below, we are almost ready to go and subject to any last minute challenges, we plan to open the doors for the first time before the end of September. Check back here or on our Bl

Acoustic Blues with Scott Lucille

Every Saturday evening starting from around 9pm - 9:30pm at Blend Bistro we have a regular live music session from Scott Lucille. Scott is very well known on the Bangkok live music scene and has a very wide playbook of songs and styles. However, Scott's real musical passion is Blues ... And we are happy to say that is exactly what Scott will be entertaining us with every Saturday evening. So you can expect songs from lots of Blues legends such as BB King, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton amongst others, stripped down and performed in Scott's unique chilled out blues style ... All mixed in with your requests and some classic oldies to keep the evening going - It's perfect for a Saturday evening. Re

Oyster Thursday @ Blend Bistro

'Oyster Thursday' at Blend Bistro & Wine Bar is our ever popular weekly promotion for all you oyster lovers. Up to 5 different types of our freshly imported oysters from around the world are half-price all day every Thursday - Typically they are from this selection: Harty Oysters Kumamoto Oysters Sydney Rock Oysters Barron Point Oysters Coffin Bay Oysters Tasmanian Oysters Unfortunately we cannot include our Fines de Cancale oysters in this promotion. This is because we offer them everyday at an exceptionally low price. However, every Thursday all of our beautiful, high quality, freshly delivered oysters from Australia, Ireland and the USA are all on promotion at 50% off the normal price - A

Pop-Opera Night

This Friday evening (7th September) we have a night of live music mixing both pop and opera styles. FX is covering the pop side of things, while Yves Baron will be Mr Opera As always, the evening of live music will start at 9pm and all the details are below...

2 New Vintage Wines...

We have just taken delivery of 4 bottles of the very best French vintage wine Château Dauzac La Bastide - Margaux 1993 Château Haut-Bages Averous - Pauillac 1989 They are in very limited quantity, with just 2 bottles of each wine available. LA BASTIDE DAUZAC Château Dauzac, Margaux 1993 1993 was one of the very best vintages for this soft and sensual Margaux. 51% Cabernet Sauvignon 49% Merlot A gleaming ruby red with purple tints. The fruity and delicate nose is underscored by tobacco notes. Full and elegant with refined tannins and notes of Morello cherry to finish. 5,940 B CHÂTEAU HAUT-BAGES AVEROUS Pauillac 1989 A classic vintage for this fine wine from the famous village of Pauillac. 73%

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