Naturally Unexpected...

The first thing that you will notice about Ungava Gin is that colour... The electric neon yellow colour is from the infusion of the six arctic plants that make up Ungava’s unique botanical bill. The base spirit is local corn and the six arctic botanicals range from the relatively common, Rosehips for example, and the go all the way to the obscure such as the Bakeapple or Labrador Tea. These botanicals are handpicked during their peak season and imparted in two passes: once before distillation, and again afterwards via infusion, hence the colour. Along the way, Ungava has quickly gained a global following s and has won a bunch of global awards. So it's an intriguing gin and worth a closer loo

Our Improved Buffet Breakfast

Why not visit us one morning to enjoy our delightful Buffet Breakfast! Available everyday from 6am until 10.30am (including weekends and public holidays), you can choose from a whole range of Western and Asian favourites, coffee, tea and fruit juices. We have recently revamped and improved our Buffet breakfast offering - Including adding a significant number of additional dishes on each day. Most of the breakfast items rotate daily, so you can be assured of something different every time you visit. And at a price of just 250 Baht++, it's great value too! Please take a look at this selection of breakfast buffet pictures...

Exploring Brie: A Cheese Rich in Flavour and History

Brie is the most famous of all French cheeses and very possibly, also the very best of all French cheeses. This gorgeous, buttery and earthy cheese is steeped in French history and has on many occasions been the cheese of royalty. Authentic Brie is still traditionally artisan made, just 30 miles east of Paris in the region of Ile-de-France but it has a history going back over one thousand two hundred years. 'Brie De Meaux' was first created in the Middle Ages by the monks of the Priory of Rueil en Brie. Its reputation first began when, in 774, French Emperor Charlemagne stopped at the priory and discovered a cheese which pleased him so much that he asked it to be delivered regularly to his

A Great Wine Deep-Rooted in the Heart of St Emilion

The latest in our series about the great wines of Bordeaux, France takes us the Château La Gaffelière in St. Emilion. Refusing to bend to fashion trends, Château La Gaffelière is still a traditional family owned vineyard, and claims it's signature is that it is inscribed between tradition and modernity - using the best of both worlds to produce world class wines. The respect of the terroir is linked to the origins of the estate. The currents owners, Comte de Malet-Roquefort & Alexandre de Malet-Roquefort were born here in this vineyard with its unique location backing onto the southern hillside of St Emilion. The blend of wines from the slope and the foot of the hillside produces a nectar, w

Our speciality Japanese spirits...

The Japanese Collection, Blend Bistro's selection of premium Japanese spirits. Aimed of course at our customers from the land of the rising sun, but also at anybody who wants to enjoy something a little different. Included in our Japanese selection is Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey, recently voted the best whiskey in the world and described by judges as; "near indescribable genius". But it is not just about Yamazaki - There is more to our Japanese Collection... There are currently 6 drinks within our collection, these include both of the spirits in the picture here, along with: Hibiki Whisky - Japanese Harmony Yuzushu Nara - Aotan no Yuzushu Umeshu Hyogo - Kotsuzumi Plumtronic Baishin So there

Every Thursday - Our Imported French Oyster Promotion

We currently have a very special promotion every Thursday on our premium quality Fines de Cancale imported French oysters. Blend Bistro's Fines de Cancale oysters are sourced only from established suppliers on the French Atlantic coast using sustainable farming methods and are compliant to national quality control processes. They are less fleshy but juicy oysters, rich in water with a smooth earthy flavour and an excellent aftertaste. Normally they are 65 Baht each, but every Thursday as part of our "Oyster & Wine Thursday" promotion, we are now offering them for only 39 Baht each! * (Product subject to availability and price subject to change when promotion expires)

The History of Arancini

What does rice have to do with Sicilian and Neapolitan cooking? Rice is one of the few foods that, while grown and eaten all over the world, has managed to maintain a strong, unique identity in each different region – just think of Asian rice bowls, Spanish paella and Italian risotto ... And, although not particularly famous outside of Italy, Arancini - It's classic Italian street food. Arancini are big rice balls, some are the size of oranges. In fact, the word arancia means “orange”. Arancini -- whether orange size or smaller -- are usually filled with a savory mixture. Common fillings include meat sauce with peas; prosciutto and cheeses like provolone, mozzarella or pecorino; eggplant and

Champagne Jacquesson 741

Champagne Jacquesson 741 - Voted Best Brut (without vintage) by La Revue du Vin de France! This is a very special Champagne from one of the leading producers, renowned for their extraordinary quality, and yet with value for money prices. Champagne Extra Brut Cuvée 741 takes its name form the number of the cuvée, born from a single harvest. After an aging of about 36 months on the lees it expresses a fresh, lively and complex profile, with scents of yellow and citrus fruits. Champagne Jacquesson 741 is made from: 57% Chardonnay, 22% Pinot Meunier and 21% Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay grapes are from Avize Grand Cru; Pinot Noir grapes from Ay Grand Cru and Dizy Premier Cru; Pinot Meunier from Oir

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