Our speciality Japanese spirits...

The Japanese Collection, Blend Bistro's selection of premium Japanese spirits. Aimed of course at our customers from the land of the rising sun, but also at anybody who wants to enjoy something a little different.

Included in our Japanese selection is Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey, recently voted the best whiskey in the world and described by judges as; "near indescribable genius".

But it is not just about Yamazaki - There is more to our Japanese Collection...

There are currently 6 drinks within our collection, these include both of the spirits in the picture here, along with:

Hibiki Whisky - Japanese Harmony

Yuzushu Nara - Aotan no Yuzushu

Umeshu Hyogo - Kotsuzumi Plumtronic Baishin

So there is a wide choice for those who enjoy a little spirit of Japan sometimes!

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