Turning Simple Ingredients into Something Majestic...

Blanquette de Veau... A dish that the French take for granted

But for the rest of us it probably shows in the very best way how the French have that genius ability in being able to turn a group of modest ingredients into something majestic.

Said to have originated in Lyon during the 19th century as a way of using leftover veal, the name Blanquette de Veau refers to the fact that the meat is more white in colour as it is cooked in liquid rather than being browned.

Cooked in a classically French way (as we do at Blend), it's a collection of proud yet pale chunks of veal and vegetables in a silky sauce that a creaminess that results in a comforting dish of exceptional cooked in home-cooked style.

Home cooked in style it may be, but it's so popular that it can also be found in the most prestigious of Parisian restaurants... And of course at Blend Bistro & Wine Bar!

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