A Beer to Challenge Wine?

Estrella Damm Inedit is a beer specially designed for the world of gastronomy, the first that has been crafted specifically to be served with food - It is sure to surprise you with its creaminess to the palate and its aroma of spices.

Created thanks to a unique collaboration between the Masters brewers of Estrella Damm in Spain with the worlds most awarded chef, Ferran Adria and his team of sommeliers of the restaurant "ElBulli" restaurant.

After tasting more than 400 variants of the beer in a total of 40 different types and shapes of glass, they found both the perfect bouquet and the perfect glass to serve Inedit Damm beer.

Using 100% natural ingredients with a combination of water, hops, wheat, and spices that has yielded a fantastically refreshing and drinkable beer.

The complex aroma with hints of coriander, clove, fennel, ginger, and sweet citrus reminds me of Mom’s fresh baked gingersnap cookies. It has a slightly misty appearance with a great mouthfeel, mild carbonation and a slight creaminess. The well balanced array of flavours flow over the palate, leaving a lingering finish that begs for more.

Inedit is excellent with oysters, grilled scallops, mixed greens, and balsamic dressings and glazes. It also has the right acidity to enjoy, as a foil to butter and cream sauces or mild cheeses. In fact this well designed beer is very approachable with many different foods.

Estrella Damm Inedit is now available at Blend Bistro in large 750ml bottles.

To enjoy Inedit at its best, serve in a 300ml (10 oz) white wine glass, fill to just over half way, and leave the bottle on ice after serving.

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