Barron Point Oysters

Amongst our range of fresh, imported oysters, Barron Point is always one of the most popular.
They are an inter-tidally grown oyster from Little Skookum Inlet, which is in southern Puget Sound, Washington State, USA. They are introduced to the beach at Barron Point in large mesh grow-out bags that are placed on the bottom. After about a month, they are transferred out of the bags and onto the beach, where they finish to grow-out as beach cultured oysters.
They are produced by a small, family run operation that is doing the work required to keep the oyster densities low both while they are in the grow-out bags and while they are on the beach. This in turn produces very nicely shaped oysters; round, deep cupped, and with well-formed hinges. The water in southern Puget Sound is very high in nutrients and not too intensely salty.
As a result, the oysters generally taste mildly salty, are plump and sweet with a musky finish.
*Barron Point Oysters are also part of Blend Bistro & Wine Bar's "Oyster Thursday" promotion, when they are half price all day each Thursday.
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