The 'Full Moon' Beer

Amongst our selection of craft beers from around the world is the classic "Paix Dieu" from Belgium.

Paix Dieu originates from the Abbey of Paix Dieu where the lunar calendar paid a central role in all aspects of life. This included the production of their beer, which was only brewed during each month's full moon period.

Now brewed by Brasserie Caulier in Péruwelz, Belgium, the brewery tips its hat to the origins of the beer by following tradition and only brewing it one per month when the moon is full.

The result is a triple brewed 10% alcohol by volume beer which is finely balanced, smooth and full of character.

It is a craft beer in the very best tradition of Belgian Abbey beers.

It also includes a symbol on each bottle that indicates under which moon your beer was brewed.

Paix Dieu is also served in its own distinctive glass.

If you like your beers exotic and unique, then Paix Dieu is a beer you must try!

Available at Blend Bistro in 33cl bottles.

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