The 2018 World Cup Gathers Pace...

As we enter week 2 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the pace is beginning to pick up.

Some of the top teams who maybe didn't do as well as expected in their first games (Germany, Brazil, Argentina etc.), up the tempo to try and catch up on lost ground, whilst the teams that made a solid start (Russia, Belgium, England etc.) attempt to build on their good first games and cement their place in the knockout stages.

Blend Bistro will continue to show games that take place during our normal opening hours and given the group positions of some of the more fancied teams, there should be a number of exciting games coming up - Including

  • Thursday 21 - 19:00 Denmark v Australia

  • Friday 22 - 19:00 Brazil v Costa Rica

And many more as the group games conclude, so why not catch a game or two at Blend, we hope to see you supporting your team!

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