A Beer That is Pure Rock 'N' Roll

For the Italian brewery Baladin, beer is passion.

With an intense love for taste and using it as a form of expression, through their recipes they produce craft beers that are unique and full of flavour.

One such example of this is Baladin's "Open Rock n Roll" beer ... A beer strong in hops

The use of hops is certainly very old in the history of beer production. The hop plant grows in most of Europe, so it is easy to imagine that it was largely used by the very first beer brewers. A recent archeological discovery near Pombia (NO) provides scientific evidence to this assumption.

As well as water, the beer contains barley malt, mainly American style hops, yeast and pepper for an unmistakably Rock ‘n’ Roll character. It's a beer whose freshness and the skillful use of pepper blend with the aromas and bitterness of hops in a “musical” crescendo.

It's a true drink’n roll experience. It is to be drunk when it takes your fancy: on its own to quench your thirst, or with cold cuts and cheese at cocktail time.

Technical Notes

Alcohol content: 7.5%

Sugar density of the wort: Plato degrees 16.8

Color: EBC 12 / 14

Bitterness units: IBU 42 / 44

Serving temperature: 8/10°C

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