An Extensive Tapas Menu

At Blend Bistro we have a large Tapas menu for those times when you aren't so hungry or want to share some smaller dishes with friends.

Our Tapas dishes are perfect to go with a happy hour drink, for a snack when watching a some sporting event ... Well, they are perfect at any time really!

Let us take a look at just a small selection of our Tapas Menu:

At the top is a classic Bruschetta Di Roma with tomato, basil and olive oil.

Next we have one of our most popular dishes ... Chicken Curry Satay, served with a traditional Thai peanut dip.

Below we have our Spicy Warm Chicken Larb Bites, which are served on crispy cucumber spices

Fourth in our list are our Mini Parma Ham Croquettes, that are served with an Aioli sauce.

Finally, we have our ever popular Vegetarian Spring Rolls

As we mentioned at the start, this is just a small selection of our Tapas menu. The full menu can be seen on our website's food menu page or on our Facebook page.

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