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AK Damm beer may be manufactured in Spain, but it is born out of a passion for the traditional beers of the Alsace region in Eastern France.

Brewed to a recipe that originated in Alsace in 1876, AK Damm fuses French and German cultures and beer styles ... and brewer, Estrella Damm has found a way to bottle that fusion in their A.K. Damm beer.

A.K. Damm is Estrella Damm's premium lager. It's made with barley malt, not adjuncts, and is brewed for taste and not strength.

A.K. Damm is a refreshing and well balanced Mediterranean lager that tastes somewhat liberating after all the funky lagers you may currently be drinking!

AK Damm has a bright clarity and a medium gold colour. There are nice fruity notes of pear, citrus, corn and banana hint. It has extremely smooth, good carbonation and fairly long pleasant dry finish.

This fine lager has a light golden sparkle and citrusy zing – making it the perfect partner for foods such as lightly smoked salmon, camembert cheese and asparagus spears.

Why not try something different next time you are at Blend Bistro?

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