NEW! - Coffin Bay Oysters

We are now pleased to announce that pure Coffin Bay Oysters from Australia's seafood frontier are now available at Blend Bistro & Wine Bar.

One of nature's true delights, these World Class Pacific Oysters produced in the remote, unspoilt and pure waters of Coffin Bay, South Australia.

Grown just as nature intended, they are not fed, but allowed to just graze off all the nutrient packed waters that flow into Coffin Bay, thereby resulting in the best possible oyster for you to enjoy.
Crisp, petite, sweet and inviting, these Coffin Bay oysters are one of the world's most in demand oysters
Their consistent quality, firm texture and clean taste makes them very popular oysters - Perfect with a glass of Chardonnay, we are sure they will also be very popular at Blend Bistro too!
Coffin Bay oysters are priced at just 165 Baht each. However, on Thursdays they are half-price all day as part of our 'Oyster Thursday' promotion.
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