Breakfast at Blend Bistro Asoke

One of the different features of our new Blend Bistro & Wine Bar Asoke when it opens at the end of September will be our breakfast menu.

Being located at the new Somerset Maison Asoke building, breakfast will be a key part of our food offering and is split into 3 defined areas.

Above you can see one part of our Bakery Breakfast - This consists of a selection of delicious pancakes and waffles, fresh fruit, French toast and the classic Paris Breakfast.

The remaining part of our Bakery Breakfast menu consists of 3 classic French bakery breakfast items:

Croque Monsieur with Paris ham, Cheese and Bechamel.

Pan Bagnat with Tuna, Tomato & Egg.

Large Baguette with a choice of Paris Ham, Speck Ham, Salami, Pork Paté or Duck Rillettes.

We also have a range of cooked breakfast options that include Fried Eggs, Scrambled Eggs or Omlette (These all come with tomatoes, sauteed potatoes and toast). There will then be a range of extra items you can add to this base, including sausages, bacon, baked beans and smoked salmon.

Finally in the cooked breakfast section is the breakfast favourite of many - Egg Benedict - A delightful combination of poached eggs, spinach, Bechamel and Hollandaise sauce on toasted bread.

Last, but certainly not least is our Asian breakfast selection, which includes 2 Thai options and 2 Japanese options.

They are as follows:

Khao Tom (rice soup with chicken) and Tom Jued (clear soup with ground pork and vegetables) are the 2 Thai options.

The 2 Japanese options consist of that Japanese staple soup, the Miso Soup, along with the more substantial Shoyu Ramen (pork, egg and seaweed with Japanese noodles).

We hope that we have pretty much got everyone's personal preference covered here, so whatever you like for breakfast, we have something for you.

We hope to see you soon for breakfast at Blend Bistro Asoke. Please keep checking back for our confirmed opening date!

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