The Name is Bisque - Lobster Bisque

It might look like a very simple dish, but Lobster Bisque is something steeped in history.

It is an elegant soup known for its rich flavor and crimson color. The main ingredient in this soup is the king of the sea - Lobster. Due to the relative fame and ubiquity of lobster, lobster bisque has become a delicious culinary staple. Generally, “bisque” refers to a soup with a distinct velvety texture and utilises crustaceans – crayfish, shrimp, crab, or (of course) lobster as the main ingredient.

Popular in both North America and Europe, lobster bisques and other types of bisques made using seafood originated in France. Here is a soup that denotes high style, and its method of creation is sometimes still used to judge the quality of a restaurant - So Blend Bistro is putting itself on the line with this dish!

Lobsters have been consumed by humans since prehistoric times, and culinary evidence confirms that ancient Greeks and Romans cooked lobsters in a way that is quite similar to how we cook them today. While lobster was highly esteemed by the British, American colonists initially weren’t too fond of the crustacean, despite its abundance in their region of settlement. It wasn’t until the mid 19th century that Americans developed a taste for the crustacean, when chefs realised that lobsters tasted much better cooked alive than dead. Soon afterwards, lobster became a very stylish, high class ingredient. Many food lovers even considered it an aphrodisiac - Move over Oysters!

Etymologically, the word bisque suggests a connection to Vizcaya, a Spanish province that borders the Bay of Biscay. The Bay of Biscay borders the western regions of Spain and France and is, not so coincidentally, full of shellfish. The term is also likely referring to the way the lobsters are ‘bis cuites’ or cooked twice during the soup making process. They are sautéed lightly first within their shells, simmered in wine mixed with other aromatic ingredients, and then strained. Next the cream is added and voila, a delicious bisque!

So, the next time you visit Blend Bistro & Wine Bar why not try out this most elegant of seafood dishes ... And remember, it is often used to define a restaurant, so we hope it will define us in a good way!

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