Côte de Boeuf - Big on Flavour

Côte de Boeuf (or Prime Rib Steak) is a first class, premium quality beef rib steak and a true French classic.

Côte De Boeuf is set in the history of classic French gastronomy, this wonderful choice cut of beef rib is characterised by its natural fat covering and succulence from being matured and cooked on the bone.

This steak is inspired by classic French butchery traditions and is taken from the prime piece of the beast, promising exquisite eating.

The well-marbled meat caramelises upon cooking, which coupled with the use of grass fed beef and dry age maturing techniques, makes for naturally tender meat with outstanding flavour.

Perfect for generous steak dinners, sharing a meal with family or friends and special occasions, Côte de Boeuf is currently available at Blend Bistro & Wine Bar, Sukhumvit Road location.

Blend Bistro & Wine Bar's Prime Rib Steak from Rosedale Farms in South East Australia, one of the world's leading suppliers of quality beef. The cattle are raised on native grasses and hand-blended grains - It is guaranteed 100% Hormone Free and matured for 120 days.

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