Even Better Pizzas!

"Kaizen" is the word given in Japanese business philosophy to the continuous improvement of business practices and could be easily described in English as "Change for the Better".

To that end, we recently we had the pleasure of welcoming Rafael, a true Italian Pizza Chef to Blend Bistro & Wine Bar, Somerset Maison Asoke.

Even though our Pizzas have been getting great reviews since we opened 3 months ago, we decided that we wanted Rafael to take a long hard look at every ingredient and aspect of our Pizza making process in order that we can take what is good and make it even better.

And as you can see from the pictures Rafael did exactly that, checking every ingredient we use, the proportions used, the resting time and temperature for the dough, the rolling out process, the oven temperature, cooking time and more.

The result you can only find out through tasting our new and improved Blend Bistro & Wine Bar pizzas ... Changed for the better!

*Blend Bistro & Wine Bar @ Somerset Maison Asoke offer a range of 9 different pizzas made in a classic Roman style using only the best and freshest ingredients and made before your eyes within the restaurant itself.

Reservations can be made by calling our Somerset Maison Asoke location on 02 163 4303 or by using the "Book a Table" Button at the top of any page on this website.

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