The 'Blue Riband' of Italian Beers Since 1846

In 1846, Francesco Peroni established his first brewery in Vigevano, Lombardy, Italy. It was called Birra Peroni and still bears the founder’s name to this day.

It was a combination of the climate and the close proximity to the mountains – where ice and glacial water was plentiful - along with the quality of ingredients that helped Francesco create such a distinctive pale, medium-strength beer that within a short time had become vastly popular.

Within 18 years, and due to extremely high demand, a second Peroni brewery was built in Rome and Francesco’s son, Giovanni, took over the running of the new branch.

Eight years later, Peroni headquarters officially transferred to the capital city. Over the next 70 years, aided no doubt by the start of advertising for the beer, the business went from strength to strength to become the biggest brewery in Italy.

In 1963 the beer as we know it today was born and called "Nastro Azzurro", which translated into English means 'Blue Riband'. The naming was inspired by the liner SS Rex, which in 1933 won the Blue Riband for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by a passenger liner.

Since then Peroni Nastro Azzurro has gone on to become a global beer enjoyed in 50 countries around the world in five continents.

Over that time, Peroni have built their brand around the Italian sense of style - A style that exemplifies the traditions of Italian craftsmanship, passion and flair upon which it was formed. Recently, The UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper included Peroni, along with Gucci and Ferrari, among the world's top Italian icons.

Created to reflect the emergence of Italian luxury in fashion and design, Peroni Nastro Azzurro was designed with the sharp, sophisticated beer drinker in mind and is gently brewed to give an intensely crisp, refreshing taste with that unmistakable touch of Italian style.

It's a style Blend Bistro & Wine Bar associate with and are proud to offer Peroni Nastro Azzurro to our customers.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is available on draught.

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