Escargot - A French Classic

Nothing seems more emblematic of French cuisine and culture than escargot.

Surprisingly, the consumption of snails can be traced back thousands of years. The shells of these land mollusks have been discovered in the caves of prehistoric man, indicating snails have been consumed long before the French.

Now considered a delicacy in France, snails are often served as an entrée, or starter to a meal. While there are several different ways to prepare escargots, the Blend Bistro way is baking the escargots in a classic garlic & parsley butter sauce.

Our snails are also the very best quality, premium imported Wild Burgundy snails that are extra large in size, firm and plump - Only the best!

Escargot and Wine Pairing

Did you know that the French consume at least 40,000 metric tons of snails a year?

That’s a lot of escargot!

Naturally, all these escargot needs to be washed down with something - and nothing does the job more admirably than a glass (or two!) of French vin.

But how to choose the perfect pairing?

Well, what wine you drink with your escargot depends on how you prepare the dish, but we can help you with this!.

Because Blend Bistro prefers to prepare our snails in a rich garlic & parsley butter sauce, then, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful Chardonnay or a nice Provençal Rosé.

Whichever wine you choose

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