A Vodka to Celebrate the English Countryside

Vodka may be considered more of a Russian drink in origin than a drink from the North of England (most people think of warm, flat, brown beer!).

But let's try to change your thinking a little with a relatively new vodka coming out of a distillery in Liverpool that celebrates the English countryside by being produced from that classic of English foods - potatoes.


The Whitley and Neill families have been involved in the creation of fine spirits since 1762, using the very best ingredients from around the world.

The family were well-known for cultivating their gardens and searching the hedgerows for thrilling new flavours, indigenous to the countryside.

Inspired by the glorious English countryside, J.J. Whitley’s range includes (in addition to Potato Vodka), London Dry Gin, Elderflower Gin, Pink Cherry and Violet Gin, along with Rhubarb Vodka.

The home-grown fruit and vegetables in J.J.Whitely's childhood garden provided the inspiration for many of the artisan, small batch gins and vodkas now produced by the company.

Made with 100% natural potatoes, it has an almost dairy like creaminess, highlighted by subtle yet distinctive notes of white grape and the lingering crunch of green apple.

J.J.Whitely's Potato Vodka is not just packaged in a distinctive and elegant bottle, the vodka itself is also distinctive and elegant - Perfect as a sipping vodka paired with just ice or equally impressive if used in a martini.

Try it soon at Blend Bistro & Wine Bar!

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