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 Blend Bistro & Wine Bar

Wine List April 2019 

Wine lists used to be simple affairs. Not so now as customer knowledge and tastes have grown and evolved.


First and foremost our wines have been chosen to compliment the food menu, whilst also being ideal to drink alone and provide good value for money.


We have also tried to steer away from the simple and obvious picks by also including quality wines that champion underdog regions and grape varieties. The overall aim is to provide a wine list that that both excites and satisfies every palate in equal measure.


Including a Prestige Wine Collection…


Within our Wine List you will find a collection of Prestige Wines. These are Laurent's hand-picked selection of the very best red and white wines from across all wine producing regions France and Italy.


Many Grand Cru's and Premier Cru's are contained within the Prestige Selection and make perfect choices for that special occasion.


What people are saying about our wine...


Napak Anant, Bangkok

“Good atmosphere and great wines. I love this place!”


Gary C, Puerto Rico

“The best wines and the service is exceptional. This place has everything. I love the wine choices!!!”


Fabio, Italy

“If you are on Sukhumvit Road you must stop at Blend - A big cellar full of great wine is waiting for you!”

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